Research and Development

Research and Development

World-class running science laboratory

Adhering to the core values of optimizing performance and comfort in sportswear products, we established a dedicated world-class running science laboratory in 2018. Led by our international scientists and engineers, the laboratory is the first footwear R&D center in the Chinese sports industry specialized in scientific research, footwear design, development and testing.

Xtep successfully develope

Proprietary technologies

We continued to enhance our footwear products and develop new proprietary technologies through working in close collaboration with leading international fibre material developers, namely 3M, The Dow Chemical Company and INVISTA. The laboratory upgraded various first-place winning marathon shoes as seen in the international class marathons in Mainland China.


Research lab

In 2018, XTEP established the first footwear dedicated R&D and innovation center including a world-class running science laboratory. It is the first of its kind footwear R&D platform in the Chinese Sports Industry covering science research, footwear design, development and testing.

 Research Team
XTEP has an industry leading multi-disciplinary international footwear research team of 40+ members, including sports scientist, bio-mechanist, footwear researcher, performance engineer, pattern engineer, chemical engineer, material expert, innovation designer, footwear developer and technician, etc.

Design Team
With approximately 100 team members globally, the Company' s products are in more than 15 countries in a wide range of distribution and won various international design awards like the prestigious Red Dot.