Born For Marathon-160X 2.0

Born For Marathon-160X 2.0

Xtep 160X, from '0' to '1.0', to '2.0', and to be continued!

As a running shoes tailored for the marathon, what make it so special about 160X 2.0

A pair of shoes already run for 15k+ steps and 42kms before it was released?Absolutely! 160X 2.0 overcomes challenges and gives you an extreme running feel.

Wear resistant and non-slip sole

Non-slip effect rises by 35%! Wear resistance is 4.5 times better than regular rubbers!  Ensure your carefree running on all types of roads.

X-Dynamic Foam PB

With our Dynamic Foam PB you could get more energy, elasticity, and cushion than you think. The energy performance over 75%. 

Adaptive Carbon Fiber Propulsive System

Adaptive Carbon Fiber Propulsive System is adapted from full-palm carbon!

And the blending flexibility is 30% higher than 160x1.0, that means 160x2.0 has greater propulsion that makes everyone run much faster!!

Lightweight exterior design   

The exterior uses MONO materials, to ensure both breathability and lightness.


Q: Are these shoes suitable for me?
A: If your running speed is around 5 mins, it would be your best match; if your running speed is 4.5 mins, I strongly advise you to order it; if your running speed is within 4 mins, there is no need to hesitate about it. The performance of 160X 2.0 will not disappoint you. I promise it will be your intimate friend and comrade in arms when you are speeding.
Q: Why are there two pairs of insoles?
A: The first pair of insoles is made of Dynamic Foam PB materials, which is the same as the previous ones, with stronger rebounding and shake-delaying functions. The second pair of solid and stable Eva insoles are derived from the runners’ feedback. During training on the plastic track, runners sometimes slip when making their turns, so another pair of insoles is added to fit their soles and provide better support. At the same time, the foot heat dissipation area of ​​the insole is designed with perforations, which not only has breathability, but also help quickly wicks away sweat when the feet are sweating.
Q: How can I choose and purchase my suitable size?
A: The sizes of 160X2.0 and 160X are resemble. However, the upper vamp of 2.0 is more fitted. Therefore, the whole of 160X2.0 adopted the standard size. I suggest that runner with thinner feet could choose half a size smaller, and the comparable chubby feet are more suitable for the normal standard size.