The Technologies Behind Xtep Sports Products

The Technologies Behind Xtep Sports Products


Established since 2001, Xtep is a leading professional sportswear brand with an extensive distribution network of over 6,000 stores covering 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the PRC and overseas. As “Chinese runners’ favorite brand”, Xtep ranks 1st and 4th among the domestic brands and global brands in international class marathons in Mainland China. For the fifth consecutive year, Xtep is the sportswear sponsor of the highest number of marathons in Mainland China.

So what performance sports products Xtep has provided for athletes over the years?

About XTEP Footwear

  • 16OX

Adopts Dynamic Foam PB elastic midsole, which has ultimate propulsion and excellent rebound capability. Its fulllength carbon fiber plate futures a Yshaped runners speed. 3D structure design to help make breakthroughs in their top.

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  • Ultra FastX

Adopts a unique double-layer midsole design which combines the X-Dynamic Foam and Dynamic Foam LITE to offer supreme cushioning and energy return during running and cross-training. Its fulllength arc-shaped TPU plate allows greater support and propulsion for every step.

  • Ultra Fast

A lightweight running shoe that combines a full-length TPU plate and Dynamic Foam Lite midsole to offer excellent rebound and energy consumption of forefoot propulsion


Uses ETPU foam materials that offer more eco-friendly elements, better heat resistance and shock absorption, higher rebound capability and compression durability than traditional EVA foam.

Uses a new composite high-resilience EVA foam formula to deliver a soft and gentle rebound experience during shock absorption.
Uses a special hollow structuring design to effectively provides cushioning, flexible and comfortable sports experience.  Applies uni-body three-dimensional double-layer weaving technique, with mesh arrangement based on foot form and pressure points to improve breathability and achieve a seamless fit.

Utilizes an air-cushion system around part or the entire sole, resulting in soft yet supportive shock absorption.

Uses soft cube modules at the sole and arrange them according to the dynamic pressure distribution of the sole, providing a comfortable stepping experience.

Uses high-elastic TPU foam particles, which can absorb and release more energy during sports and make running
A key shoe insole technology the Group co-developed with the Dow Chemical Company. The insole provides memory
foam-like comfort by fully conforming with the shape of the foot.

About Xtep Apparel Technologies


  • Quick-Drying Cotton

Extraordinary, sweat-wicking and breathable cotton fabric to provide dry comfort during exercise

  • Moisture Absorption and Quick Drying

Rapid sweat absorption and drying technology to keep dry and comfortable, to enhance athletic performance


  • Ice Fiber Family

Innovative silky material with rapid heat conduction and dissipation technologies to provide cool comfort


  • Warmth Retention

Combines tight outer layer with fluffy inner layer and retains air in the interlayers to provide warmth and shape-distortion resistance of clothes

  • Far-infrared Heating

Applies special material which can effectively absorb and reflect the far-infrared of the human body to provide warmth

  • Heat Reflection

Applies heat reflection technique to form heat currents and reflect body temperature to increase warmth

  • Seamless Down

Adopts tubular stuffing technique, which can effectively control down leakage and avoid heat loss through stitch, to provide better warmth


  • Water-resistant

Water-resistant to offer dryness and comfort to you in wet conditions

  • Antistatic

The use of antistatic fabric technology to effectively avoid or reduce the adverse effects of static on clothes to the human body


  • Smooth and Skin-friendly Fabric

Selectively adopts even and flat fiber, which is delicate and soft, smooth to touch, and reduces skin friction

  • Distortion Resistance

Unique spatial 3D structure to maintain the shape of clothes 


Seamless and soft lightweight clothes to perfectly match body shape and bring comfortable experience

  • Sports Elasticity - Basic

A special fiber and composition structure of weaving for natural comfort to enhance comfort in sports

  • Sports Elasticity - Intermediate

A special material with enhanced woven elasticity to improve sports performance

  • Sports Elasticity - Advanced    

Utilizes the principle of human mechanics to enhance the protection and sports performance in multi-dimensions


A Soft, smooth, delicate and comfortable material with excellent elasticity and can be stretched repeatedly without deformation

  • Sorona

Unique and environmental-friendly plant fiber with excellent elasticity, natural moisture absorption, sweat-wicking and delicate feeling