Carbon Fiber Plate Shoes

Carbon plate – the personal-best smasher and world record breaker. From 5ks to marathons, and fit for runners of all levels, carbon plate running shoes provide additional support and power, without the extra weight. The shoe’s foam material is combined with carbon fiber, nylon, or fiberglass rods to absorb and redistribute propulsive energy into every step you take.

Breaking world-records, shoe doping or pure genius? The foam material combined with Carbon Fibre, Nylon or Fiber Glass rods/plates work together to absorb and return your energy in every step for a lightweight, propulsive feel. Although these shoes are taking the professional running world by storm, the carbon plate running shoes are suitable for all runners who are looking to push themselves. From short runs, everyday training to marathon racing, these shoes weren’t made for chasing personal bests, they were made for smashing them. 

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